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  • Helping the world's best businesses to master the craft of consulting

  • Over the past two decades, we’ve provided consulting, training and coaching to individuals and teams in professional services firms and Fortune 500 businesses to enable them to perform at their full potential as problem solvers, communicators and client partners. 

  • How can we help to maximise your team's performance?

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  • Talent Professional?


    In an environment of constant change, you need to unlock the power of your people with a learning strategy that creates engagement, improves your department’s commercial reputation and aligns with evolving corporate strategy.

  • Strategy Director?


    Talent is everything in a transforming world. You need to attract and retain great people and drive your business where it is at its most powerful. And a learning culture means profit and performance.

  • Sales director?


    In a complex sales environment, your growth targets depend on every aspect of the client experience. Your teams need to have the cognitive agility and emotional acuity to adapt to each client. 

  • We specialise in creating change programmes for Tier One consulting & professional services firms and engineering, manufacturing, telecoms & technology businesses.
  • Our team has collectively trained and coached more than 15,000 senior professionals in over 100 major organisations.
  • We work with global companies primarily in Europe, the Americas, India and South East Asia.
  • Clients we've helped

    Over the past 20 years our team has worked with every major consulting firm and a wide range of global enterprises, training and coaching senior professionals across all geographies. 

Our Services

  • Better problem solving, business development and communication skills are needed everywhere. We believe the craft of consulting offers proven techniques to help all businesses remain relevant to the needs of a fast changing world. 

  • Consulting

    In our experience ‘training’ or ‘coaching’ alone is unlikely to enable sustainable change if it is not aligned to the strategy or is not supported by the organisational culture. Our consulting approach addresses that.

  • Training

    Our training programmes receive average feedback scores of over 90%. This, for us, is not a sufficient measure of their success. We aim to challenge mindsets, instill processes and inspire behaviours to create lasting change.

  • Coaching

    Embedding learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our trainers are well versed in coaching senior professionals to achieve their full potential ensuring that learning delivers sustainable performance.  

"The best leaders are the best notetakers, best askers, and best learners."

Tom Peters


“No more boring, formulaic training. Powerful stuff.”

“Over the course of 18 months we’ve seen our win rates increase by 150%”


 “The trainer truly understood the complexity of the challenges we face - and offered a perspective that shone a light on our blind-spots.”

“You could not have asked more from a facilitator. She delivered an informative, interactive event and encouraged us to think differently."


“There was nothing off-the-shelf about the programme. It was bespoke, fast-paced and a perfect example of agile learning in practice.”

“The coaching clinic that followed the training was a powerful refresher and helped individuals to practically apply the concept to their live projects.”

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  • 'Amber' is a symbolic metaphor for Amber Professional Development.

    When we approach a traffic light, it is common to speed up, when the signal turns from green to amber (as we call the orange light in England). 

    In the world of high stakes conversations, the right thing to do is to slow down.

    Amber Professional Development provides tools and techniques to increase your levels of emotional awareness and intellectual agility to help you navigate forward and achieve the best outcome for you, your business and your client.

  • Why the ‘craft’ of consulting?

  • Definition: Craft | kra :ft/ 

    Skill in planning, making, or executing with dexterity.

    In a fast-paced world of immediate gratification, perhaps it is no surprise that the timeless value of crafting is trending across the world. 

    We believe the philosophy of crafting applies to client relationships and professional services where skills and trust are highly-valued. Our programmes are about making long-term, sustainable changes in mindset and behaviour.

  • Our team

  • Each of us has over 15 years of business experience which allows us to be credible in front of seasoned, and occasionally cynical, professionals. Over the years, we have also been at the receiving end of both excellent and mind-numbingly bad training – so we have learnt the hard way what works and what doesn’t. And that’s why we design and deliver programmes that we would like to attend ourselves – distinctive, thought-provoking and fun. We constantly evolve our programmes to make sure you benefit from fresh thinking from business, technology and psychology.

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    Armond Mertikian
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    Kathleen Bell
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    Ivor Stevenson
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    Clare Jones
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